Collab x ZILDOME

Tell us about you, your community and how you want to get involved! We're looking for ambassadors, environmentalists, activists, community leaders and thinkers, and yogis. Let's go!

Zildome yoga animation
Zildome Yoga animation

Makeena Rivers

Actor | Model | Social Worker

Makeena Rivers is an actor, model, and social worker dedicated to cultivating healing and justice through deepened self-knowledge, purposeful art, and collective revisioning. She is passionate about spiritual health and values creating visual stories that emote deepened thought and energy for those who engage with the art she helps to make. As a part of her own restoration, Makeena often practices a gentle yoga flow before bed and a more intense flow in the park with a community of other Black folks seeking the healing power of yoga.


Aja Hitomi

Photographer | Creative

“I capture my own curiosity through art and materialize a timeless world through my visionary lens. I love being able to share with the world what each photo exudes to me. These are the things that set my soul on fire”.

Lei Phillips

Photographer | Model

Lei Phillips is a Los Angeles based Photographer who grew up telling stories in her head about the world. Now that she is older, she has started out as a Model, Stylist and now Photographer. She believes there is a sense of duty to tell stories that speaks volumes, and storytelling is important. Lei wants to tell things that matter the most- portraits that move the viewer. Through her work she hopes to capture an emotion and mood. You can find her work on her site and IG.


Photographer | Creative

I was granted an IWMF (International Women's Media Foundation) grant for documentation of the protest during 2020. I host art shows for artist to show their work in groups.I quit my corporate job and became full time self-employed photographer in 2016.

Ashley Matthews

Web Designer

Hey There! I’m Ashley, founder of Dynasty Media. As brand & web stylist, I collaborate with passionate small business owners and personal brands to find an intentional connection with their audience through creative imagery and thoughtful design.


Musician | Spiritual Equity Advisor

"Hey, I'm OSIRIS8. A musician and a Spiritual Equity Advisor. My vehicles for change are Sound and Movement. All of my work is centered around Blackness / Multi-Racial identities within the medicinal community. I believe that a Commitment to transparency nurtures a safe space for one to remember their authentic self. Universal Prosperity Here"

Jelani Estelle


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our LIGHT not our darkness that most frightens us.” -Marianne Williamson 

Derek Garlington

Filmmaker | Martial Arts | Yogi

Derek Garlington is a filmmaker, martial artist and yogi focused on expanding the mind, body and spirit. He accomplishes this mentally through his novels & film series, Kindred Souls. He also expands physically through his practice, Martial Asana which blends Martial Arts with Yoga into a unique FlowFighting style.


Model | Ballet Dancer

Mika was raised in Nara, Japan, and is now based in LA. Growing up with extensive ballet training in Japan, as well as Summer Intensives across the US including the San Francisco Ballet School. She did pilates and yoga for the first time when she was 14 as part of assisting in strengthening and healing a dancers’ rigorous training routine. Currently, she enjoys creatively expressing herself through modeling, product designing for kids’ toys, and dancing.

Chris Mavry

Marketer | Founder

Chris is a seasoned media professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for impactful storytelling and extensive experience in content creation for brands, agencies, and networks both domestically and abroad. Hailing from  Philadelphia, Chris is multi-hyphenated Afro-Latinx producer, founder and military veteran who champions inventive and genre-bending narratives with people of color at the center. He specializes in creating original content with an unconventional and often avant-garde lean.