Our Story

At ZILDOME we're igniting the conversation when it comes to plant-based products. Our goal is to limit the impact on the planet with better everyday products in our lives. The journey starts with you and our FSC-certified 100% YULEX natural rubber yoga mat.

We value community.

Communities are not a piece of land you acquire by force or otherwise- they are fluid and dynamic and have shared universal values that can be found anywhere in the world.

Zil, Founder

We value connection.

Connections to our communities build resilience. Resilience that better protects us in the face of everyday challenges.


We value curiosity.

At ZilDome we aspire to be curious, adaptable and less judgmental. To be open to learn, unlearn, and relearn.


We value sustainability.

Sustainability for us is at the intersection of environment, human health and social justice.


The Conversation

Cultivating and empowering you to be a better steward of our planet is at the forefront of everything we do. It means making decisions based on what we need instead of what we want. With the purchase of a YULEX natural rubber product under the Dome, you begin the conversation that leads to a better understanding of how product choices impact our planet.

Want to Collab?

Tell us about you, your community and how you want to get involved! We're looking for ambassadors, environmentalists, activists, community leaders and thinkers, and yogis. Let's go!

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