Responsible plant-based products that improve your lifestyle and do less harm to our planet & people.

To aspiring and curious lifestyle seekers, we are a female, minority-owned business. Our "Dome" aspires to provide a place where we can all relearn and reconnect with sustainable products and empower the circular economy.

We make better possible

Our Materials

Our products are made with YULEX® natural rubber that is FSC-certified. Forest Stewardship Council is the gold standard for responsible forest management. FSC-certified rubber plantations protect against deforestation, restrict hazardous pesticides, and preserve wildlife habitat and the clean air and water we all depend on.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is to make each product you purchase the best we can with the least harm we can to the planet and people. It is a simple way to protect our forests even as we use forest products (natural rubber). Responsible forest management is more than planting trees for every tree cut.

Our Future

Our future is our children and grandchildren and they depend on each one of us to ensure a safe and prosperous future, and they face the consequence of our choices. Our choice of Materials and Our Commitment to the environment helps to ensure Our Futures.